Multimedia Forensics

The pervasive availability of the Internet, allied with the spread of increasingly powerful digital facilities, has led digital multimedia to be the primary source of visual information in many aspect of our society, including media, politics, national security and advertisement. However, the historical assumption that photographs can be trusted as a true representation of reality does not hold anymore. Nowadays, affordable and sophisticated graphics editing software allow for the creation of sophisticated and visually compelling photographic fakes, which easily puzzle our perception of reality. Trustworthiness of the information conveyed by digital media is becoming one of the key challenges for our information society, strongly affecting the success and penetration of future multimedia applications. The urgent need of efficient techniques to cope with security issues related with multimedia data motivates the MMLab research. Multimedia forensics techniques are particularly relevant as they deal with the recovery of information that can be directly used to authenticate and estimate the trustworthiness of digital multimedia contents.

Forensic Analysis of AI-generated Media

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Forensic Analysis of Human Faces

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Multimedia Forensics on Social Media Data

Detection of Image Manipulations

Identification of the Media Acquisition Source

Adversarial Machine Learning for Multimedia Security

Multimedia Verification

Data Hiding and Digital Watermarking