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Humans in a digital era - New Opportunities and Threats for Information Security (NOTIS)

      • Oct 30 @ Povo1 – Room A102 - 9:00 a.m.
        • Simon King, University of Edinburgh. Topics: speech synthesis, speech recognition.
        • Uroš Sikimić, 3Lateral Topics: digitalization of humans, face deformational models.
      • Nov 9 @ Trento – Guest lecture
        • Rainer Böhme, University of Innsbruck. Steganography and Steganalysis.

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Past news

  • EUSIPCO 2018
      • Virtual Camera Modeling for Multi-View Simulation of Surveillance Scenes (by Niccolò Bisagno and Nicola Conci)
  • ICDSC 2018
      • Dynamic Camera Network Reconfiguration for Crowd Surveillance (by Niccolò Bisagno, Nicola Conci, and Bernhard Rinner)
  • ECCV WORKSHOP: Anticipating Human Behavior
      • Group LSTM: Group Trajectory Prediction in Crowded Scenarios (by Niccolò Bisagno, Bo Zhang, Nicola Conci)
  • IEEE MMSP 2018
      • Image Forensics in Online News (by Federica Lago, Quoc-Tin Phan, and Giulia Boato)
      • Identifying Image Provenance: An Analysis of Mobile Instant Messaging Apps (by Quoc-Tin Phan, Cecilia Pasquini, Giulia Boato, and Francesco De Natale)
  • IH&MMSec 2018