04 Mar

Paper accepted @ CVPR2015!

The paper “The S-HOCK Dataset: Analyzing Crowds at the Stadium” by D. Conigliaro, P. Rota, F. Setti, M. Cristani, N. Conci, C. Bassetti and N. Sebe has been accepted for the prestigious Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition conference, that will take place in Boston (USA) from June 7th to 12th. Congrats!

23 Jan

RAISE dataset released!

The Multimedia Forensics group of MMLab is proud to announce the release of RAISE, a raw images dataset intended to become a benchmarking tool for research in digital image forensics. RAISE is a collection of 8156 high-resolution raw images depicting various subjects and scenarios, properly annotated and available in .NEF and .TIFF format (together with accompanying […]

21 Oct

1st place @ MediaEval2014 task

MMLab teams have participated in MediaEval 2014! The joint MMLab and PraLAB (University of Cagliari) team composed by Duc-Tien Dang-Nguyen, Luca Piras, Giorgio Giacinto, Giulia Boato, Francesco De Natale obtained the best score in the task Retrieving Diverse Social Images, with the work “Retrieval of Diverse Images by Pre-filtering and Hierarchical Clustering”.  Another MMLab team, led by […]

16 Sep

2 papers accepted @ WIFS2014

The papers “Video forensics based on expression dynamics” by Dang Nguyen Duc Tien, Valentina Conotter, Giulia Boato and Francesco De Natale “Multiple JPEG compression detection by means of Benford Fourier coefficients” by Cecilia Pasquini, Giulia Boato and Fernando Pérez-González will be presented at the IEEE Workshop on Information Forensics and Security 2014, that will be held on […]

08 Sep

I semester starting courses

MMlab courses “Computer Vision”, “Comunicazioni Multimediali”, “Data Hiding” and “Elaborazione e trasmissione di immagini” for the first semester of the new academic year are about to start. Check out the Teaching page for more information and lecture schedule!

01 Sep

2 poster presented @ ECCV2014 Workshops

The two posters “Smart camera reconfiguration in assisted home environment for elderly care” (by Krishna Konda, Andrea Rosani, Nicola Conci and Francesco De Natale) and “Dominant motion analysis in regular and irregular crowd scenes”  (by Habib Ullah, Mohib Ullah and Nicola Conci) will be presented at the European Conference on Computer Vision Workshops, in Zurich.

18 Aug

3 papers accepted @ACMmm2014 & Workshops

The paper “You Talkin’ to Me? Recognizing Complex Human Interactions in Unconstrained Videos” by Bo Zhang, Yan Yan, Nicola Conci and Nicu Sebe has been accepted to the ACM International Conference on Multimedia 2014. Other two papers will be presented at ACM Multimedia Workshops:  “Multi-device Interaction for Content Sharing” by Valentina Conotter, Guido Grassel and Francesco G.B. De Natale […]