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Duc-Tien Dang-Nguyen PhD defense

Congrats to Duc-Tien that has successfully defended his PhD thesis. He will stay in our lab as Post Doctoral researcher for another year in a project collaboration with the PRA Lab of the University of Cagliari.

Thesis title:¬†“Discrimination of Computer Generated versus Natural Human Faces”

Advisors: prof. Giulia Boato and prof. Francesco G. B. De Natale

Committee members:

  • Prof. Fernando Perez-Gonzalez
  • Prof. Alessandro Piva
  • Dr. ¬†Raffaele De Amicis
  • Prof. Giulia Boato
Andrea Rosani

Andrea Rosani

Andrea Rosani received the master's degree in telecommunication engineering from the University of Trento, Italy, in 2005. He worked as a technician in the telecommunication laboratory of the Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science, University of Trento, till 2011. He is currently a PhD candidate of the ICT Doctoral School at the same university, working on video signal processing for anomaly detection and security.