17 Feb

Awarded Demo @ GTTI MMSP 2014

Andrea Rosani and Cecilia Pasquini presented MMLab work at the annual GTTI Thematic Meeting on Multimedia Signal Processing, that was held in Forni di Sopra (UD): A. Rosani, D.T. Dang-Nguyen, G. Boato, F.G.B. De Natale, “EventMask: a game-based analysis of event-related saliency in photo galleries”, 2ND PLACE IN THE BEST DEMO COMPETITION C. Pasquini, P. Comesaña, […]

08 Feb

5 papers presented @ IS&T/SPIE 2014

Nicola Conci and Valentina Conotter presented 5 papers @ IS&T/SPIE Electronic Imaging 2014: V. Conotter, D.T. Dang-Nguyen, M. Menéndez, G. Boato, M. Larson, “Assessing the Impact of Image Manipulation and Image Context on Users’ Perceptions of Deception” K.R. Konda, N. Conci, “Illumination modeling and optimization for indoor video surveillance” A. Rosani, N. Conci, FGB. De […]

01 Oct

Top 10% Paper Award @ MMSP 2013

We presented 2 papers at the IEEE Workshop on Multimedia Signal Processing in Pula (CA): C. Pasquini, G. Boato, “JPEG compression anti-forensics based on First Significant Digit distribution”, TOP 10% PAPER AWARD D.T. Dang Nguyen, I. Gebru, V. Conotter, G. Boato, F.G.B. De Natale, “Counterforensics of median filtering”   Go to Publications.